Sunday, September 30, 2012

Should Mid Autumn feel more Autumn-y..?

Well it's the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Hong Kong (though it just feels like summer but not as humid). I'm still figuring out what that means in terms of celebration, but combined with National Day it means a 4-day weekend and no excuse for me not to catch up. (Especially since we all passed on travelling for this trip.)

I found another awesome hike, this one was basically up in the hills just north of my place. Lots of hills and of course views like this: 

And here's M and I:

I had another run in with monkeys on this hike. A family of them come walking along right along the trail and they expect you to give them food. They're not intimidated by us at all. But when it was clear we had nothing for them, they moved on. But really, monkeys, right up in the hills. They're all over the place over here. 

What else has been going on? Good times finding new and interesting little hole in the wall places for food/drinks etc around the city. 

Here's a fun picture from the other week:

Speaking of which, my Cantonese class went out on a field trip for food last week. We went to a Chinese Halal restaurant. It was great. They have these beef patties. They're like meat pies, they're fantastic. I was also a big fan of the lamb curry we had. I'll be back there. (But unlike the field trip I won't follow it up with more dinner and then two rounds of dessert.) 

Let's see... in August I had a friend form NYC come through briefly. What up K! We managed to go out with a bunch of the gang here. I love having people come through so if anyone wants to come out and have some fun in Hong Kong, do it, we'll have a blast.

Oh I almost forgot, the silly yoga. Oh my the silly yoga! So M signed us up for a handful of sessions at some Yoga studio. I thought this was great idea. Boy was I wrong. So the class starts sort of like a normal yoga class except with more smacking oneself in the abdomen. This is followed by "brainwave vibration" which is just dance-bopping to cheesy Asian pop music. Then comes the deep breathing exercises where the instructor occasionally comes around puts their hands on your belly while you breathing deeply the whole time. And finally there are some great core exercises that we had to go through all sorts of insanity just to get to. I really can't wait for our sessions to run out. And M feels the same way, we can't look at each other during the class because we'll just both burst out laughing. Oh man, I wish I could share a video of this nonsense with you.

Alright that's enough for now.
Cheers, all!