Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Adventure

So here I am. Day two in Hong Kong. Yesterday's adventure was one for ethernet cable. I hadn't thought about not having wifi and that I'd need to find a store before I even had the internet to e-mail my family and loved ones to tell them that I made it.

So with no store for this kind of thing nearby, I set off on foot.
I figured since it was nice and warm out, that I'd simply walk along the bay toward the city. I walked for half an hour along a walkway that probably didn't see a lot of westerners. I passed a lot of little houses and "villas" along the water. They looked like they could be very lovely places, but they were old and from what I could see, a bit run down. I reached an area that was mostly industrial/construction before I finally reached an MTR station. I thought that since I'd made it that far, I might as well hop on the train and see if I couldn't find a neighborhood that was more commercial.

I took an educated guess based on where the downtown parts of the city are supposed to be. I came up in an area that was something between Times Square and Canal Street. There a ton of people and the guys on the sidewalk were hounding me. These guys are relentless. It took all of my ability as a New Yorker to ignore them. Lots of stores with big neon signs, as I said, it looked like Times Square, but the types of stores were more like Canal Street. For the most part. There were a few bigger stores, but since I was only looking for an ethernet cable, they were of no help. After fighting through the hoards of tourists, shoppers, and relentless shills, I found a little electronics store. I bought two more power adapters and the precious cable.

Next mission was dinner. I didn't find anything in this area that I wanted to eat. I mean I'm sure the McDonald's here is great and all, but I thought I ought to save some experiences for later. I also found an "Irish pub" but again, I didn't come to Hong Kong to eat at a rip off of an Irish pub. Hotel food it would be.

Today's lesson: the shuttle from the hotel is much easier for getting to the area around the MTR station and completely free. And there's so much to explore in that area. I found some little food shops and had some pork buns and some pastries. And it was all so cheap.

Might get cell phone service set up today, and if I hit up the beach today, I'll make sure to write about it.

Thanks for reading!

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