Thursday, October 20, 2011

How I got here

For at least two years, more if I'm not deluding myself, I have been somewhat directionless. I was treading water. My career was comfortable though not soaring.

In early summer 2011, my office asked if I was interested in a position overseas. Hong Kong. At the time this seemed like just the opportunity I needed to re-energize myself and reinvigorate my life. So I said yes and waited, cautious and curious. When I started actually speaking with one of the Directors in Hong Kong, I was still a little uncertain if I really wanted this or if I was just telling myself I did. Did I actually desire to go to Asia to live and work or did I have nothing in New York to give me an excuse not to keep the process going? I definitely thought about job security in New York during the early decision making steps of the process. Soon the transfer had so much momentum, I couldn't stop it. I was headed on a two year long adventure whether I liked it or not.

All of my friends and family were incredibly excited. Everyone at work told me how great a city Hong Kong is, how much fun I would have. No matter what, some doubt lingered. I couldn't make it make sense in the deepest part of me. I felt silly telling people. Could they tell what I was really thinking? I love the New York life, I wasn't unhappy with my job or my apartment, or my friends, I was just a little stuck. I only needed...

What happened, not two weeks before I left New York, may be the subject of a different post or it may be left to sing sweet songs in her memory and mine. But as it turned out, the one thing missing from my life was right underneath my nose. I have no regrets, but I don't yet know how to come to terms with the fact that I came so close to having it all in the Greatest City in the World.

Here I am. A kid from a Jersey, a transplanted Brooklynite in Hong Kong. I'm definitely going to have to give this city my all. Let's do this!

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